PMS or Portfolio Management Service is a professional service whereby qualified and experienced portfolio managers, supported by a research team, manage equity portfolios on behalf of clients rather than clients managing themselves. Portfolio Management Services or PMS provide investors with tailored investment solutions to help them achieve their financial goals.Portfolio management services build investment portfolios through different investment options, and portfolio managers take care of the investment portfolio.

When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities, unlike a mutual fund investor who owns shares of the fund. You have the freedom and flexibility to tailor your portfolio to your personal preferences and financial goals. Although portfolio managers can oversee hundreds of portfolios, your account may be unique.Portfolio management services help investors maximize returns over time by focusing on time horizon, risk profile and investment objectives.

The investment portfolio may be diversified into equities, fixed income securities and other structured products. These services may be structured and tailored to achieve specific investment objectives based on risk, return and investor objectives as set out in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). PMS offers bespoke stock options, but to hire the services of a portfolio manager, you need to have a large sum of money to invest.

A portfolio manager has in-depth knowledge of companies and uses it to enhance returns for investors. The manager must be clear about the investor’s risk and return expectations in order to apply an appropriate and appropriate strategy to achieve the high potential returns.

Choose Portfolio Management Services?

Investing is something we all want to do, whether we are just starting our careers or approaching retirement age. In a world of little certainty, one of the things we can count on is our savings – they will do us good if we stop working but still have bills to pay. There are now a variety of ways to invest, from mutual funds and direct stocks to term deposits and money market instruments.

As an investor, you are spoiled for choice. However, how do you choose the investments that are best for you? If, like many new age investors, you are not an expert in investment and market strategies, how do you come up with a holistic plan to accumulate and generate wealth for the future? Portfolio management services in India (PMS) are a method of choice for assistance and guidance.

What is Portfolio Management Service?

Just as mutual funds have fund managers, the portfolio management service offers investment opportunities led by a portfolio manager. If you’re interested in a diversified investment strategy, Investment portfolio management can help you create tailored plans based on your financial goals.

Portfolio management can be divided into four main types: discretionary portfolio management, where you have complete flexibility in making investment decisions, non-discretionary portfolio management, where your manager advises you on decisions, and active and passive portfolio management. As the name suggests, in the active category, portfolio managers make investment decisions with the goal of generating alpha, while passive management involves tracking indices.

Why Choose the Best PMS?

Portfolio management services help you participate more actively in investment decisions. Your portfolio is created based on your financial goals, time horizon, risk appetite and other factors, making it much more personalized than mutual funds. Additionally, optimal diversification is possible through PMS, as you and your fund manager take calls for your portfolio components when selecting investment funds, instead of investing in specific fund categories.

With skilled and experienced portfolio managers at the helm, your portfolio takes into account everything from market outlook, liquidity risk, tax outflows, inflation, and regulatory and interest rate outlook. This keeps your portfolio aligned with economic triggers and ensures better opportunities for growth and returns.

How to choose the best PMS?

Once you have decided on the PMS, it is imperative that you choose the one that best suits your investment ideals and needs. First, you need to find a portfolio management service with the right investment approach for your goals, whether value investing or growth. The best portfolio management services in the country are the best options to start your journey. When evaluating options, look for competent, streamlined services that are efficient yet easy to access and use.

Choose a Portfolio management service that gives you online access to your portfolio as well as regular fund performance reports and expert reports, as these will help you take a more active role. The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the hassle-free service. Take a look at the reviews and customer comments to find the best option among those selected.

Last but not least, choose a service that provides ongoing customer support and helps you with audited reports and tax calculations for filing returns, as it will make your investment journey simple and stress-free.


Navigating the investment market can be challenging, as ever-changing conditions require ever-changing strategies. To operate under such conditions, the investment process requires expert advice. Portfolio management services allow an investor to generate alpha relative to benchmarks. While this is a key factor, potential investors should evaluate other aspects to ensure their goals match what PMS offers.

Portfolio management services focuses on developing investment strategies designed to help investors achieve their financial goals based on investment horizon and risk profile. Portfolio managers create custom portfolios to meet clients’ needs for capital appreciation, regular income or liquidity. Along with the benefits of PMS comes the responsibility to make decisions. You need to become more active and proactive. When evaluating a PMS provider, understand the fund’s philosophy before answering the call. Do your due diligence, choose a good company with an impressive track record, fund management style and philosophy.

CA Mukesh Gupta
CA Mukesh Gupta
Mukesh Gupta is the founder and director of Wealthcare. He is Fellow chartered accountant, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Financial advisor. He is in financial services industry since 1994. He conducts free money management sessions for corporates and associations on topics related to Personal finance. His previous engagement was with Birla Sunlife group. He regularly writes on topics related to Personal finance and occasionally appear on electronic media.

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