Wealth Management

Understanding your financial goals

Our investment process starts with understanding you-your background, investment objectives, risk tolerance and existence investment pattern. A comprehensive Client Profiling exercise helps us in evaluating your risk appetite and understanding your investment objectives, which are kept in mind while building your portfolio.

Investment plan

Based on your investment goal, wealth requirements, investment horizon and risk profile, we construct a suitable asset allocation plan for you. During this exercise, we also evaluate and realign your existing investments as per the suggested asset allocation, in case required by you.

Portfolio Construction

From our wide range of investment avenues, we construct appropriate solutions to implement your investment plan and evolve a tailor-made portfolio for your specific requirements. This would involve execution of investments in debt, equity, structured products or alternative asset classes as per the suggested asset allocation.

Portfolio Maintenance

We monitor your investments and periodically suggest rebalancing in the portfolio for maintaining the asset allocation or aligning your portfolio to changes in market dynamics that might affect your investments.

Portfolio Review

As your investment preferences or financial goals may change over a period of time, we review your portfolio periodically with you to discuss and implement any changes in asset allocation or portfolio strategy. All with a view to keeping your portfolio healthy at all times.