What is Wealth Management?

Wealth Management encompasses all the investment related services like, mutual funds, real estate, tax related etc.

These kinds of services genrally entail HNI and ultra HNI clients. Hence, such services provide a holistic view for such clients, and they are assured that there is a single person/entity responsible for all of their financial life.

The service aims to preserve and grow wealth in long term horizons. And, the clients get a whole lot of tailored made options.

Why Wealth Management?

If you are an HNI, your wealth manager is a person who not only files your income tax returns but also will find legal means to reduce the tax burden. He’ll also be your next-door help, for your banking needs. He’ll be the one doing your investments as per your goals, and probably also making investment plans for trivial goals like annual vacation. He’ll be the one you’ll sought if you need any legal help. He’ll be the one stop shop for probably all your money related needs.

WC Securities for Your Wealth Management

WC Securities’ team consists of qualified individuals – CAs, MBAs, CFPs who have a rich experience in the field. We have been managing our client’s money for over 25 years, catering to the wealth management requirements of companies, NGO’s, Firms and High Net Worth Individuals assuring a high degree of Trust, Personalized Service and Confidentiality.

Our Process

We understand that every client is unique – and hence, all our plans are customised to suit your needs and expectations. We make sure that the risk return ratio is balanced, so that you can have a sound sleep, while we are on toes to fulfil your goals.

Understanding what you want

We start by understanding what you want – what are your desires and what you expect from us. We understand your background, the risk you can afford, current investment plan, time horizon of your goals, etc

Preparing a Roadmap

Post we know about your goals and risk appetite; we decide the asset allocation and prepare the plan. During the process, we also consider your existing investment plan and asset allocation.

Constructing, Maintaining and Periodically Reviewing of Portfolio

We come up with a customised plan to suit your goals and risk profile. We choose among whole lot of options and the investment suggested in each one of the. Not only this, we continuously review and rebalance the asset allocation part, making sure that external factors don’t take a toll on your portfolio (in long term!)


Monetary strategy determines present and future costs and helps us to discover the best plan of action. It is a key factor in every aspect of an organization including marketing, development, etc. It includes the whole process to ascertain the cost to create a budget. It’s mandatory for every company to make investment plan after the vision and objectives have been set. We deal mainly with managing your cost in the most effective way so that there will be proper allocation of your money

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