“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”

Systematic Investment Plan is nothing is a time related small amount of investment where you can do your investment monthly, quarterly wherein you need to invest the same amount of money in a particular mutual fund. This is one of the best ways of entering equity market is through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP). Minimum amount for SIP is Rs 1000/month. SIP amount is totally depending on client.

SIP helps in averaging the cost as equal amount is invested regularly every month at different NAVs.

SIP Investment & Mutual Funds

works well in a volatile market as in the months where markets are down you get more number of units as the NAV is down and when the markets are up you get less number of units. But over all the prices gets averaged out.

Reasons to start SIP Mutual Fund:
» SIPs are done in open-ended funds where the investors can invest and take out the money anytime.
» There is no fixed tenor for running SIP. Once the SIP tenor is fixed, it can stopped in between or could be continued    even after tenor.
» Fully or partially can be withdrawal is possible during or SIP tenor.
» SIP amount can be increased or decreased.

If you start doing investment in SIP of Rs 10,000/month for 3 years you will get Rs 4, 35,076. Where you invested amount is Rs 3, 60,000.

SIP investment offers low charges, ease & flexibility of investment and withdrawals, compounding benefits, long term gain, diversification, lower taxes, high regulations and transparency of investment. It works for whom who want safety of capital, tax efficiency, flexibility of withdrawal and ease of investment.

You can START you SIP today in Just 3 steps:
» Fill Financial Health check and see your portfolio.
» Receive a suitable plan as per your goals and risk taking ability.
» Start making investment

In SIP we provide facilities of online login where you can see your track of investment and can do transactions. Online facility helps you to yield copious return by putting a certain amount in your selected scheme according to your requirement. You can manage your risk through a better and secure way.