Why should you plan for retirement?

As great minds have mentioned, one should be financially independent, even after retirement. It should be your priority, rest everything- marriage, child education etc. should be secondary. It is extremely important to build a retirement corpus, since there will be no source of income after you reach retirement age.

Hence, one should start saving early (better if start investing at the start of one’s career).

What is retirement calculator?

Retirement Calculator is a great tool to know how much corpus you need to accumulate by the time you retire. Hence, you don’t have to financially depend on anyone else after retirement.

Further, you just have to enter few basic details, such as your current age, expected retirement age, your current monthly expenses, expected inflation, current savings, life expectancy and pre and post retirement return. The complex calculation will be done automatically and result will be displayed.

The best part about this calculator is its user friendly interface. Hence, you can easily input the values and the corpus that should be accumulated will be calculated automatically.

Benefits of Retirement Calculator

As mentioned above, the best part about this retirement calculator is its simple user interface. Further, you will get to know the estimated corpus amount that will be required at the time of retirement.

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