The Portfolio Management Services are gaining traction nowadays as people who are earning seven figures need proper method of investing to grow their funds. Portfolio management services is an innovative financial service option provided in recent times which grabbed a lot of attention of HNIs and high salaried individuals because it is primarily suitable for them. It basically offers customized and specialized service wherein the investment portfolio is tailor made that suits the objective of investor and it is managed by professional money managers.

Types of Investment Portfolio Management

There are two types of portfolio management services which are based on the fund manager freedom to decide the portfolio:

  • Discretionary PMS: In this type of portfolio management service, the fund manager himself take decision and manages the portfolio in accordance with their investment portfolio management needs. Hence, the client has nothing to do in this investment process.
  • Non-Discretionary PMS: In this type of portfolio management, the investor decides when and what to invest in. The manager can provide exclusive suggestion or investments ideas and then it executes the investment portfolio management process which is based upon client discretion/directions.

The fund managers are well qualified which are backed by strong research team which track portfolio stocks and fundamentals of companies that will do well in future. In today’s world none of us have time to design and manages a portfolio. This is when the fund manager comes into the picture which handles and manages portfolio by giving their services.

Benefits of Portfolio Management Services

  • The portfolio management services(PMS) provides professional research and advice that will assist in striking balance between the risk and returns.
  • When one avails the PMS, it comes with freedom and flexibility that facilitate customized investment according to the client’s requirements.
  • In portfolio management services(PMS), the client has the greater control over the asset allocation and risk return profile because the portfolio is built based on client specific needs.
  • There is transparency regarding the client’s investments and the PMS also provides comprehensive communication and performance reports to their clients that can help in interpretation of their financial goals.
  • The funds are monitored on regular basis and it will get informed to the investor on timely basis.

    There are many other elements that need to be consider like the fees structure and loads in PMS, the requirements for investing in PMS. The management fees of PMS can vary from 1% to 3% depending upon the PMS provider, which is charged either monthly or quarterly basis. There are basic requirements in PMS like demat account and bank account and power of attorney in favor of PMS to manage funds

    Thus, one needs to do thorough analysisof their goals and their risk return parameters while consider to invests in this option.

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