Features and Benefits of the Best Monthly Investment Scheme (MIS) in India

Features and Benefits of the Best Monthly Investment Scheme (MIS) in India

Monthly Investment Scheme

The year 2023 is the one to fight the effects of inflation on regular spending and saving, and as Indian internet users shift their focus to financial investments that may be able to assist them in doing so, here is a list of the top investment choices.

Whether we like it or not, all of us need money to live comfortably. But until and unless we are business tycoons, we cannot earn the same amount of money throughout our lives. Additionally, a portion of our current income should be saved for our later years of life. Investing in a Monthly Investment Scheme is essential, and doing so at the appropriate time, for this reason.

You can choose from several of India’s top monthly income schemes. Here, let’s examine the top investment strategy for monthly income right now.

Here are the top 6 Best Monthly Investment Plan in India 2023:

1.FD for Monthly Income

One of the best income strategies that fall into the low-risk category is a fixed deposit. This Monthly Investment Scheme helps produce higher returns for Indian nationals. Under this plan, you will be able to invest a specific sum of money for a specific amount of time. You will be able to make more interest during the time that you are investing money. However, there are a number of variables that affect the rate of interest, and you need to be fully aware of them. Most banks offer fixed deposit interest rates between 5 and 6 percent; senior citizens receive higher rates. The minimum deposit amount varies from bank to bank and is not always the same. Additionally, tenure affects interest rates. The depositor will receive a nomination facility for their beneficiaries in the event of their passing.

2.Government Bonds for Monthly Income

The duration of these bonds, which are issued by the Indian government, ranges from 5 to 40 years. Investors receive regular interest payments, providing them with the security of a fixed income. Cash management bills, Treasury bills, fixed bonds, floating-rate bonds, zero-coupon bonds, and many more are examples of government bonds. These government bonds may be bought or sold by customers just like equity instruments. Investors are given a consistent interest rate. As a result, it demonstrates how to develop a monthly guaranteed return plan. However, you should be fully aware of the market risks associated with government bonds before investing any money in them. It is among the top investment strategies.

3.LIC Monthly Income Plans

For individuals looking to invest their hard-earned money in a Monthly Investment Scheme in India, this is yet another excellent investment strategy. LIC, the biggest publicly traded insurance company, is the provider of the plan. Especially for senior citizens who want to make good money, this is a great scheme. Jeevan Akshay VI is the name of the plan, and investors can contribute a lump sum as little as INR 1.5 lakhs. You must choose the type and method of payment from a variety of choices if you’re interested in purchasing this plan.

4.SCSS for Monthly Income

A post office monthly income plan with government support is called a Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS). Numerous advantages are included with the plan. A minimum investment of INR 1000 and a maximum investment of INR 15 lakhs are allowed under this plan for senior citizens. According to their preferences, senior citizens have the option of opening a savings account in either or both public and private banks. It is safe to say that this is one of the best Monthly Investment schemes in India because it will allow you to earn better returns of 7.4%. In addition, the plan makes it possible for someone to guarantee financial security after retirement. The plan has a five-year term, but after the maturity process, you, the policyholder, can choose to extend it.

5.SWP from Mutual Funds for Monthly Income

Mutual funds provide SWP or Systematic Withdrawal Plan. When money is invested in this kind of Monthly Investment Scheme, investors can expect to see good returns. Mutual funds offer investors a consistent monthly income, which results in high income in the long run. Investors may receive a consistent monthly income. However, before deciding to purchase this plan, you as an investor should thoroughly understand all the terms and conditions. You can even use a calculator to figure out the total returns and the potential value in the future.

6.Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

The post offices in India are providing this monthly income plan. If you want to invest your money in low-risk investment plans, this is the ideal monthly income plan choice. People can invest up to 15 lakhs of Indian rupees and as little as 1500 rupees in the plan, which currently offers depositors an interest rate of about 6.6%. Every depositor should be aware of this before making any investments because the post office MIS interest rate frequently changes each fiscal year. The plan’s 5-year lock-in period means that deposits cannot be withdrawn right away. As a result, depositors should be aware of this fact. Other people can be nominated by the customers to receive the benefits of the plan, but this is only permitted in the unfortunate event of death.


The account may be transferred from one post office to another by you, the customer. Before opening an account, you can use the post office’s online calculator for its monthly income scheme. In addition, you will have the option to open a joint account in accordance with your requirements. One year after the first deposit, you won’t be able to make an early withdrawal. In addition to these, you can choose from a variety of other excellent monthly income plans such as Post office monthly investment schemes. Use the calculator to determine whether it is within your means.

CA Mukesh Gupta
CA Mukesh Gupta
Mukesh Gupta is the founder and director of Wealthcare. He is Fellow chartered accountant, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Financial advisor. He is in financial services industry since 1994. He conducts free money management sessions for corporates and associations on topics related to Personal finance. His previous engagement was with Birla Sunlife group. He regularly writes on topics related to Personal finance and occasionally appear on electronic media.

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