Mutual Funds SIP – The Right way to invest and fight inflation

Mutual Funds SIP – The Right way to invest and fight inflation

The evolution of mutual funds in India started as early as 1963 in India with the formation of Unit Trust of India being part of Government of India only. Later in 1987 SBI Mutual Fund was founded and then the subsequent formation of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) paved the path for private companies in the sector. Although Mutual fund regulations were introduced in 1996, still India was seen as the future of better potential with a lot of opportunities’ for development. Being Mutual Funds as the name suggests that allows several investors to collectively invest towards a common goal. In the early years, there were a lot of risks and insecurity involved in the market about the mutual fund’s information. High risk, fraudulent, economic risk, rising currency and developing economy were the main reasons for traditional investors to away from the market.

But with new rising economic trends and depression over there are huge opportunities in Indian open markets that the global projection has reached the highest points. Now there are more than ever ways in terms of funds, stocks, and investment opportunities to get inside the markets. Mutual Funds Systematic Investments has become one of the most popular attracting large populations of the Indian economy. This allows even the smallest investor to participate in the biggest mutual funds with the minimum amount that might start from even Rs 500 or Rs 1000 monthly basis. This SIP has put the confidence of the market investment and paved the way for opening this highly volatile economy with many benefits surrounding it.

Systematic Investment Plans

The myth of investing in a large amount in mutual funds is now busted with the emergence of these per month SIP mutual funds investments. Rupee averaging, step by step investment, discipline in investment, benefits of compounding interest and ease of tracking have made the SIP the number one choice for new beginners in making effective returns for their respective future. For SIP regular investment you can connect them directly to a bank account with an appropriate date the amount will be added to those funds automatically. Thus the whole process can be carried out smoothly as per your direction. Monthly expenses and further investment can also be planned easily with corresponding SIP amount to further boost your future wealth creation accordingly.

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With SIP you can make separate goals and work on them financially with the minimum amount that most often starts from Rs 500 to 1000. This amount is completely flexible at the user discretion to increase and decrease or pause in case of emergency for change from the original amount. With rupee cost averaging there is no active time to invest in SIP and you can start any month with the appropriate date on which the NAV units will start working in your name. Also, the right benefit of compounding interest is better achieved if the amount is allowed to mature in a long term. Retirement funds, marriage funds, education funds and house investment are some of the large funds that investors use for making these SIP work towards a common goal.

Rising Inflation

Every year the prices of commodities and living essential increases thus the inflation rises as per the growth & development of the country. Now with your money in the bank and getting usual 2-4% interest in the saving banks, corresponding result will not even cross the rising inflation and market scenarios in any way. Even the traditional fixed deposits have proven to just cover the barely rising inflation but these SIPS with their two-digit returns have given the investor a way to improve their investment strategically. Each month, as the SIP amount is getting invested than the subsequent amount of NAV of that respective fund, are bought and then added to Funds account respectively. This whole month after month aids the process of rupee cost averaging to tackle the market’s ebbs and flow with a logical approach. Also, the compounding interest year after years turns the final long-term investment into huge financial gains in the favor of the investor only.

Top Market Funds

Even within Mutual funds, there are many criteria’s that are based on SIP with Large-cap schemes, midcap Schemes,   Multicap Schemes and Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS). Some of the Top SIP performers that are available in the market in different schemes are Aditya Birla, Tata, Reliance growth Funds, Templeton India Growth, SBI Bluechip Fund, ICICI Prudential, Franklin India, L&T, Edelweiss, Sundaram, SBI Emerging Business, Franklin India Growth, IDFC, HDFC, Principal Growth Fund, DSPBR Opportunities, SBI Magnum, Kotak, and Reliance Top 200 Fund etc. Along with these there is also tax saving ELSS also easily available from most of these funds offer in which user frequently invests to get better investment.

With Wealth Care India you will be provided with a separate fund manager who will guide, strategize and invest your money in a systematic way for large wealth creation. We have some of the best market pundits who will provide the effective guidance to tackle market challenges and for large wealth creation for securing your future in a more appropriate way. Our Certified professional financial experts have proven their worth by keeping the client money on the projected path for years and keeping them satisfied with better returns. We also provide online portfolios for customers to let them monitor the behavior of their investment with their personal credentials. All the required information, calculators, funds, stocks and other financial queries are sorted for assuring them in investing with Wealth Care India.

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