‘We have one life. Let’s not waste it in paying medical bills. Get yourself insured.’

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, they say. But can apple give us a guarantee that we won’t fall ill? Nay! No matter how strong your immune system is, no matter how clean you try to keep your environment, you have the propensity to fall ill, hit by a vehicle on road, etc.

Above all, treatment costs are skyrocketing! If not planned or be prepared for, medical expenses might burn a huge hole in the pocket, might be a reason to withdraw a big part of your investment, which otherwise, would have been allotted to other goal.

What is Health Insurance?

Insurance, by definition, is a pool wherein, people confronting the same risk put their money, so as to avail the eligible amount in case of need.

Health insurance, as already one might have understood, provides for the surgical and medical expenses incurred during his/her policy tenure. The sum up to which health insurance provider insures you, depends upon your policy. Also, your plan might cover certain diseases and exclude some. There are separate plans that cover certain diseases, like cancer, diabetes, etc. Please read all the scheme documents carefully before investing.

Why Health Insurance is Necessary?

Our lifestyles are changing probably at an ever-increasing pace. This has not only made us to move farther away from our natural environment, but also as a result, has invited diseases for which our bodies were not prepared for. Such diseases, not only take time to get cured but also have a reasonable impact on our pocket.

Your medical insurance takes care of such expenses, medical bills, room rent, ambulance charges, pre and post hospitalisation charges, etc, depending upon your policy.

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