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The Ethics Oath

Ethics @ Heart

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As a Personal Finance Professional, I shall follow and abide by the following Code of Ethics and Professional      Conduct to live up to the Trust endowed in me by my Clients and to uphold the Dignity of our profession.

My Clients trust me for being an expert in the field of personal finance. I shall keep myself updated with the required knowledge and skills to provide expert recommendations to my Clients.

My Clients trust me for being transparent in all my dealings with them. I shall voluntarily disclose all material facts and conflicts of interest in a fair and transparent manner to my clients.

My Clients trust me for empathizing with their dreams, goals, aspirations and anxieties. I shall be mindful, compassionate and respectful of all their feelings around both Money and Life.

My Clients trust me for being honest in our relationship; I shall always maintain integrity of our professional relationship and never do anything which is a letdown to my clients.

Client First
My Clients trust me for providing truly unbiased and independent advice. I shall ensure that my clients’ interest always comes before my personal gains and advice is void of any biases.

My Clients trust me for providing solutions to their problems, needs and requirements and not merely execute their transactions. I shall be diligent in offering the best possible solutions.



This is a voluntary oath taken by Wealthcare Securities Members. Wealthcare Securities cannot be held responsible for any deviations by the members from the above code of ethics.