In India, the Fixed Deposits is considered as one of the safest investment options, which primarily offered by banks. It is a type of financial instrument, which offers higher interest rate than regular savings account until prefixed maturity date. It encourages the habit of savings & provide fixed returns to investors.

As an investor, it is pleasant to discover new avenues that offers high interest payment liken Bank FDs. The Corporate FD is one of them.

The Company/Corporate Fixed Deposits are offered by the Financial & Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC), which offers higher interest as compared to Bank FDs. The NBFCs & Financial are reliable & valued companies that are backed by reputed rating agencies.

Key Benefits of Company Fixed Deposits

  • Higher Returns: You can enjoy higher returns in company FDs as compared to the Bank FDs.
  • Lower Risk: The Company FDs follow up the high risk/return correlation. It means that if you avail high return FD from a corporate which is not in the basket of high credit rating, you are exposed to the high risk or default. Thus, it is beneficial to choose the companies that are backed by highest safety standard issued by credit rating agencies. These ratings facilitate to interpret the riskiness of the company.
  • Liquidity: The Banks FDs have generally high lock-in period, which indicates less liquidity. On the other hand, you can enjoy lower lock-in periodin the Company Fixed Deposits.
  • Flexibility: There are wide tenure options available in Company Fixed Deposits, you can elect as per your preference. This enables flexibility to the investor.

Types of Company Fixed Deposits

Cumulative: In Cumulative Fixed Deposits Scheme, the interest earned on the principal amount is compounded annually & it is payable at the time of maturity along with principal amount.

Non-Cumulative: In a Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposits, the interest is payable on monthly/quarterly/semiannually/yearly depend on the conveinence of investors. This would be suitable for those investors who need interest payment on periodic basis.

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