While most of us dream of owning a car, even before owning a house, most of us we fail to get it insured. Having a car insurance is bare minimum, not just for maintenance but also to protect against any mishappening that might force us to loosen our purse strings.

We invest so much time researching about the car we want, the cost, the design, everything; it is important spend half the time if not equal to find for the perfect insurance cover.

Why having a car insurance is important?

Indians owns approximately 1% of the world’s vehicles, and accounts for 6% of the traffic road accidents. Accidents on road, be it because of over speeding, bad roads, traffic laws etc, are one the most common causes of death in India, including premature deaths and also one of the most common reason of disability.

Your car insurance won’t only cover for your financial loss incurred due to your vehicle damage but also for you as well.

Also, it provides coverage for theft, fire, earthquakes as well.

Few of the insurance providers have tie ups with garages, to provide you a hassle-free service.

Every insurance provider may not necessarily provide all the services mentioned above. Few of them might provide much more than the services and benefits mentioned above. Kindly, go through your policy documents carefully. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

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