SIP Investment, SIP Mutual Funds

SIP Investment and SIP Mutual Funds

Investing smartly and systematically in investment portfolio and Mutual funds known as Smart or Systematic Investment Plan, can make you rich. What is SIP? A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) involves regular investment of a fixed sum in a SIP Mutual Fund portfolio. Investment by way of buying units regularly on the specific date will enable the investor with the leverage…

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systematic investment
SIP Investment, SIP Mutual Funds, Systematic investment plan

What Is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

Introduction Systematic Investment Plan or SIP, in layman’s terms, is an investment plan in which one makes regular investments – mostly monthly, for some goal with the motive of wealth creation or management for the same. These systematic investments are also equal payments made by the investor towards mutual funds. Investments through mutual funds are perhaps the safest option for…

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SIP Mutual Funds

How to manage Investment risk in SIP Mutual Fund

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, please read all scheme related documents carefully before investing’ goes the oft-repeated statement. Like the warnings on alcohol packs, mutual fund investors tend to ignore this caution. But it is significant that as a mutual fund investor, you must aware of the risks that you are taking. The market risks referred to…

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