Investment, SIP Investment

Why one should do SIP Investment?

Introduction Are you one of those who at the end of every month is broke? Are you the one who doesn’t have a track of any of their expenses, no matter how little they are? Then perhaps you don’t have a habit of preparing a budget. For most of us, certain expenses are fixed, like rent of the house/ flat…

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certified financial planning
Certified Financial planner

CFP Certification: Jewel of the future!

Introduction – Certified Financial Planners can you manage your own money?  Can you invest in right stocks/ funds, save tax, opt for right insurance, or plan for your retirement?  Probably yes, if you have excelled in the financial planning field. However, the rest 80% of the lot need an advisor’s help in this regard. Certified Financial Planners are your guys’ next…

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systematic investment
SIP Investment, SIP Mutual Funds, Systematic investment plan

What Is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

Introduction Systematic Investment Plan or SIP, in layman’s terms, is an investment plan in which one makes regular investments – mostly monthly, for some goal with the motive of wealth creation or management for the same. These systematic investments are also equal payments made by the investor towards mutual funds. Investments through mutual funds are perhaps the safest option for…

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Certified Financial planner, Financial planning

Certified Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner works with the individual to meet the short term and long term financial goals. Certified Financial Planner also has a good command of investments and security planning, estate planning, tax planning, employee benefits planning & insurance planning. Why is a Certified Financial Planner so important? Certified Financial Planner is like skippers on a ship. When planning a…

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