Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Mutual Funds

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Mutual Funds


Once there was a time when investing in Mutual funds was considered high risk and there was too much volatility in the market for any benefits from Market stocks. With the emergence of SIP Mutual Funds, this has changed completely which offers a modern way of investing in market stocks with lower risks and higher profitability for your future financial resources. At Wealthcare India, we are going to share with you the advantages and Benefits these sophisticated funds offer to investors in large terms.

Discipline Investor

With Systematic investments, one is bound to have start habit of investing albeit in a small amount and when they see the yearly returns they start making the progress for better future perspective. This makes them a regular investor which gives then financial security in their upcoming time. This method of SIP is quite easy, convenient, and adaptable offering wide range choices for investors to bring their money to the market. Also, make your monthly installment is done near the day of the salary so that other expenses are more manageable in the specified duration respectively.

No Market Dependency

There are usual market misconceptions that one should not invest in the markets while they are highs as the benefits will be low but with a Systematic Investment Plan, you will get complete rupee cost averaging allowing for better management of investment itself. When the prices are high NAV units bought will be low while as the prices get lowered more units will be purchased thus averaging the rupee cost value in the market entirely. Hence the timing of the market has should not affect your SIP funding in any way and start them early as possible to get more benefits later in life.

Short term targets and Long term Goals

Every individual must have some short term targets and long term goals to achieve in their life. Once they are set you must focus on achieving those with right methods for investments. There might be regular expenses, yearly expenses that need to be separated from regular investment so that you can lead a more balanced life. Car Loans, Annual fees, Home maintenance, Shopping etc are a regular investment of specific targets only while Child education funds, marriage funds, Retirement funds, home loans are the long-term investment which must be given enough time to reap more benefits from these funds comprehensively.

Large Wealth Creation

These SIP investments open your gates for large wealth creation step by step with ease of small amount investment only. Compounding interests are the way for large wealth creation, as more time you allow in the investment to mature the more you will reap at the maturity of the takeover completely. Hence one must focus on starting their SIP as early as possible even with smaller amounts that can be further increased later to give added benefits brought on by a power of compounding. Each and every year this amount if further goes on increasing with hefty margins so a delay of 5-10 years can have a large difference at the time of final amount entirely.

At Wealthcare India we offer expert financial advice for investing in various funds in the market with their approach, time span of investment, maturity benefits and tackling the market highs & lows on the basis of past, current and future perspective based on the individual financial status. Our experts can guide you in making smart choices for selecting the right funds as per choice as well as requirements to meet life goals and targets in life. These modern ways of investing with SIP have proven to be lot of success in current time attracting lot of investors in the market.


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