Mr. Mukesh Gupta

October 14, 2021

Retirement Planning

“Retirement is like an iceberg, where 90% of what’s really taking place lies below the surface, absent from traditional financial plans and conversations” Thoughts about retirement are no doubt fairy tale thoughts for some of us. Afternoon nap, morning tea with newspaper in hand- no doubt sounds dreamlike for most of us who spend most of our years in earning and struggling to financially provide to our spouses, kids and our aging parents.
October 14, 2021

Child Education Planning & Investment Plan

Child education planning is planning the course of your investments in view of the fund requirements for your child for his/ her higher education. Depending upon the corpus required and time period in hand, one can choose to invest a lumpsum amount or for systematic instalments.
April 15, 2020

Why one should do SIP Investment?

Are you one of those who at the end of every month is broke? Are you the one who doesn’t have a track of any of their expenses, no matter how little they are? Then perhaps you don’t have a habit of preparing a budget. For most of us, certain expenses are fixed, like rent of the house/ flat we live in, expense on essentials like grocery expense and paying other bills, a shopping spree and partying.
April 15, 2020

What should be your best bet for investment in SIP Mutual Funds?

Mutual Fund Sahi Hai. . . almost all of us have heard and read it on banners, advertisements and of course.. mutual fund advisors. And no doubt, popularity of SIP Mutual Funds have grown, not only in big cities but also in semi-urban cities. As per data compiled by Association of Mutual Funds of India, Assets managed by the Indian mutual fund industry have grown from Rs. 20.97 trillion in August 2017 to Rs. 24.70 trillion in August 2018. That represents a whopping 17.81% growth in assets over August 2017.
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